January 21, 2019

Hajij Country boasts impressive architecture including semi-circular well-paved streets and pretty houses overlooking a valley and Sirvan River. From down the valley up to the heights, combination of stones and wood bring you back to good old days.

Mainly 2-storey houses don’t contain a yard; the roofs of the houses below are in fact the yards of the houses on top. Houses are nicely linked and manifest the friendliness of the inhabitants here. People are very warm and outgoing.

The houses face south to use the highest level of the sunlight. The houses’ walls are thick to protect heat in severe cold in winter.

The chiseled stones are stuck together with mud. The architects put some boards in different places to avoid slides as a result of earthquakes. This also hinders damp absorption. Due to land limits, stair-shaped architecture sounds a good way to get the most out of the place.

The flat ceilings of the houses are covered in timbers and hollows have been filled up with mud and straw to prevent cold penetration. Although the structure is applied in almost all buildings, there are houses built with solid materials such as bricks, cement, plaster and iron.

The pristine nature here evokes tourists; as you go farther from the country, and on the road, you will see the wondrous manifestation of nature. On your left, you will come across a cave on the mountain slopes. The cave’s mouth is 6 m in diameter. There is a spring inside it running throughout the year, meeting Sirvan River on its path.

Keep going on the road and you will get into another cavity. Take 10 to 15 steps to reach the stairs. Go down the stairs, in the heart of the mountain, towards a big hole full of crystal-clear waters. Just enjoy the peace here. It is said that they have some therapeutic features as the water contains minerals.

A little bit forward, there are the heights, part of Zagros mountain range. The spectacular nature, adorned with green fields and pastures, welcomes you.

The country is almost close to Sirvan and the famous Huraman river; a good place for camping and having fun by the river.

One nice experience is to hike around and enjoy the pleasant weather.

Another great thing is having a picnic; so remember to bring your stuff, especially if you have the company of your family.

Boating is a nice option here, too. You will love sailing on abundant waters.

Mount climbing is a must activity to try. You can’t imagine what a beautiful view is waiting for you on top. Shooting should n’t be missed.

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