June 27, 2019

A highly valuable destination in north of the country, Golestan is among the most frequently visited places. The latest statistics by Golestan’s Cultural Heritage Department indicates the popularity of the tourist spot.

But what makes Golestan a worthwhile getaway? The whole province has something to offer. From the waterfalls and rivers to mountains, dense forests, and towers and architecture,  Golestan has it all. It presents potentials to both foreign and home vacationers and sightseers.  You will leave behind all the stress and fast pace of modernized cities and embrace an amazingly slow-paced life with terrifically welcoming people.

Neighboring Türkmenistan , and in the vicinity of the lovely Caspian Sea, it showcases the cultures and traditions of ethnic groups. Bandar-e Turkmen is a must-see with its people dressed in colorful clothes.

Kabudval, 5 km from the province,  flows on rocks in a picturesque landscape. Camping platforms offer camping opportunities. Swimming and paddling are fun here. Best part is the paved trail to the waterfall; an enjoyable, refreshing walk.

Golestan is home to Qabus Tower, a Sassanid temple, which is a remarkable brick landmark.

Alangdarreh Forests are amazing; plenty of tall trees and lush vegetation. Best time to capture unmatched beauty is fall.

Nahar Khoran, too, is another fascinating forest land. Dating back to Jurassic period, it is still at its best condition.

Jahan Nama Village is located in the province; famed for its gorgeous views and nice climate.

Ghale Maran is a must-do, as well. Mountaineers will soak up the beauty and charm of the high hill, 1150 m.  

To name other attractions, here are some fascinating places: Shir Abad, Ramiyan, Toshan Lake, and Rengo Waterfall.

Golestan is also famous for its healthy and yummy dishes among which are Chekdermeh, Bulmeh, Burak, Mash Polo and Ash-e Gojeh.

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