Ganjineh Museum

May 11, 2019

Ganjineh Museum in Babol is a top historic option when traveling to Mazandaran, north of the country. Neighboring the former municipality building, the museum  hosts some great works of art in addition to works of archaeology and anthropology.  

The building, originally the city’s Baladiyah, was passed over to the Cultural Heritage Organization in  1995 and after enduring some restorations was opened to the public as a museum in 1996.

The museum started its work officially in 3 disyinctive sections involving archaeology, anthropology and artistic wood works.

Museum buffs will find the place interesting ; there are exhibitions, held occasionally, and a library of historic documents and manuscripts which offer some information on Iran’s old history. One alluring manuscript belongs to the Safavid era. Also, some ancient coins from the time of Achaemenid as well as primary banknotes dating from the Qajar and Pahlavi eras are kept in the museum.

Works of pre-historic and Islamic periods are displayed in 2 halls. Examples are the archaic red-colored patterned pottery dishes, dating from the 5th Millennium BC. Furthermore, the beautifully-patterned pottery from the 3rd and 4th Millennia BC cab be viewed in this section.They were dug out in Tappeh Hesar-e Damghan, Silk-e Kashan, and Susa.

In one hall some objects from the  Parthian and Sassanid are shown to  the history enthusiasts.They primarily include pottery statues, bronze weapons, and stone dishes. Characterizing the old civilization in the north, most have been excavated in counties like Behshahr, Ghaem Shar, Neka,  and Noor.

The adjoining hall equally portrays glowing enamel pottery containers from the third through 10th centuries AH. Also some jewelry from the Islamic era is exhibited.

Another fairly large hall is devoted to anthropology; generally showcasing the life styles of different ethnic groups in the north. Here the visitors will pick up some precious information about Iranians culture and traditions.

The alluringly illuminated museum is more charming at night.

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