Chitgar Lake

April 19, 2019

The emerald-toned lake in the northwest of Tehran,  Chitgar is a gem for the capital’s dwellers and vacationers. The ecotourism lake ( a fun place for journeyers) in some ways makes a balance in the weather conditions of the city and increases its humidity.

The greatest amount of its body of water is supplied with Kan Creek (near 80%) and the rest with shallow stream flows (accounting for 20%).

The artificially-built lake, opened up in 2012, provides visitors with some exciting experiences in a lively, ambient atmosphere. Situated near forest parks and Kan Valley, it has the potential to satisfy tourists of different tastes.

Featuring the wildlife islands, the touristic spot gives you an opportunity for animals encounters.

It also boasts stylish restaurants and coffee shops. In the massive recreational resort, tourists will find ways to release stress and fatigue with fun activities for all. The collection around the lake houses an amusement park for families as well as playgrounds for kid visitors. Water sports lovers will find the spot quite interesting; try out swimming, boating, diving, you name it. Among other nice things to do are trekking in specified trails and refreshing bike riding.

The sunset gazing shouldn’t be missed here: the romantically charming scene is an unforgettable experience for tourists who come from places where expanding high-rise buildings don’t allow such a great sun view.

At night, you will see a distinctive view of the lake: the glowing illumination around the lake creates a visually-amazing landscape worth clicking.

3 islands here hold cultural, art, and tourism rituals for tourists on many occasions. So don’t miss them if your visit coincides.

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